Have you just acquired your dream house in Patmos? It's definitely a lucrative investment since property ownership in one of Greece's most popular destinations is like a dream that came true. Insurance coverage of your property must be your priority. Protect and limit the risk of damage or loss of your valuable property.

Learn your benefits about your insurance coverage with Patmos Property

  • Reliability 

  • Multiple choices matching your needs

  • Clear terms and conditions

  • Simple compensation process

  • Experienced and qualified staff

The reasons for which you should insure your property are very important:

Third party liability for any injuries suffered in your property. For example, if you host guests in your villa and an accident occurs, insurance will cover medical costs and many other damages.


An undesirable disaster is one of the main reasons for choosing insurance coverage. We provide packages that protect your home against theft, fire, malicious actions, dangerous weather conditions and other similar threats.


If you own a vehicle, -a car or a motorcycle- or even a boat, our company gives you the possibility of insurance in cooperation with the largest insurance companies operating in Greece.

Contact us to find out about the insurance coverage packages we provide, fully securing your property.