"Patmos Property", having a long experience in the sale and rental of luxury homes but also of land, apartments, offices, hotels and other business activities in Patmos specializes in Real Estate in the island, one of the most cosmopolitan ones in the world. Additionally, the Company "Patmos Property" offers special management, guarding, insurance and care services for holiday houses, covering the most sophisticated requirements and needs that a client may have.

The founder of the company, Giannis Skebes, was born and raised on the island of Patmos, acquiring extensive knowledge through the years of the island's development and valuable experience in the property market of Patmos. This experience and knowledge is passed on with professional ethics and a personalized approach to every investor, providing him with upgraded services and information on all the important secrets required for an efficient investment, as the Company is a true Patmos market expert. Being one of the best real estate agents in the island, whether you are a buyer, a seller or a tenant, our goal is to find the best solution that meets your expectations and provide you with the best market solutions.